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The secret is: there is no secret. There also are no guarantees when it comes to SEO. But there are best practices and then there is trial and error because what works in one project does not necessarily work in another. That said, if you get the fundamentals right you are in good shape. After that it is the old 80/20 rule. To achieve the last 20% you need 80% of effort. We consulted on and executed a big SEO project: until the shop was sold in October of 2018. Until then all of the main categories consistently ranked in the top 3 spots in the Google SERPs. Since there are no guarantees in SEO, we are happy to admit that we, too, had some sleepless nights after sudden drops in rankings (see snapshot graphic below). Typically rankings did improve again after a few days and traffic was back to normal. None of the major Google Updates affected the project adversely for a longer period of time.



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